Quick Start with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

You may perform the steps outlined under Managed Kubernetes following by hand or run the generate_kubeconfig_gke.sh shell script using the desired ServiceAccount name and Namespace arguments, like so:

./generate_kubeconfig_gke.sh cluster-admin-sa-gke default

Having run this script, supply the generated file config-cluster-admin-sa-gke-default.yaml in your Meshery settings page.


This is where you configure your settings on the adaptor(Istio etc) and other things

Managed Kubernetes

In order to run Meshery in a managed Kubernetes environment, you will need to assign an existing ServiceAccount or create a new ServiceAccount:

  1. Create a ServiceAccount with cluster-admin role.
  2. Get secret name from ServiceAccount.
  3. Extract CA certificate and user token from the secret.
  4. Generate new kubeconfig yaml file to use as input to Meshery.