A list of the releases of Meshery. See the Build and Release Strategy document for details.

Version Description Release Date
0.3.9 Mesheryctl - Addition of mesheryctl version to provide server-side version number, Improvement of mesheryctl logs | stop | start to provide appropriate grammar in situations when Meshery is stopped or Docker is not present. Meshery - Striped off extraneous information beyond IP address and port in Grafana and Prometheus endpoints. Feb 3, 2020
0.3.8 Mesheryctl - Extraneous command line output removed. Clarity of CLI interaction with mesheryctl is improved in this release. Jan 17, 2020
0.3.7 Meshery - Ad-hoc connectivity tests for Prometheus is now supported. Users can click the Prometheus chip and have Meshery verify its ability to connect to the configured Prometheus instance. Jan 15, 2020
0.3.6 Meshery - Ad-hoc connectivity tests for Grafana is now supported. Users can click the Grafana chip and have Meshery verify its ability to connect to the configured Grafana instance. Jan 12, 2020
0.3.5 Mesheryctl - Removal of init as a command exposed to users. This command's functionality is used internal to mesheryctl start. A new start --check command will provide preflight check functionality in init's place. Jan 12, 2020
0.3.4 Mesheryctl - mesheryctl version is now enhanced with the addition of displaying the git commit (sha) of the mesheryctl release. Dec 30, 2019
0.3.3 Meshery - Providers (a new project construct that allows users to select authentication, long-term storage, and so on provider). Dec 20, 2019
0.3.2 Mesheryctl - adds mesheryctl version as a new subcommand. Nov 29, 2019
0.3.1 Meshery - Support for wrk2 as an alternative load generator. Nov 12, 2019
0.2.4 Meshery - Meshery adapter for Octarine released as stable.
mesheryctl - now available through homebrew.
Documentation - revised quick start for Mac, Linux _and_ Windows. - WSL2 support published. - GKE kubeconfig generation script switched to `--decode`.
Nov 5, 2019
0.2.3 mesheryctl - improved `status` output on Windows
Meshery - Ability to deploy Meshery on Istio. - Adapter Chips: Move adapter port number into tooltip
Docs - /search no longer redirecting to github.io.
Nov 3, 2019
0.2.2 Mesheryctl: improved verbosity of update command; no longer overwriting local .meshery.yml file when running start or logs. Docs: overhaul of docs site with a new jekyll theme (thanks @venilnoronha). Performance Testing: A new modal view to organize and display performance results in a tabular format. Oct 26, 2019
0.2.1 Meshery Installation: overhaul of in-cluster vs out-of-cluster Kubernetes setup. Oct 23, 2019
0.2.0 Meshery adapter for Network Service Mesh: adapter is now in beta; NSM provisioning. Performance Testing enhancements: performance tests run asynchronously, notifying the user of when test results are available; collect and persist node metrics. Service Mesh Sync: support for discovering service mesh type. Performance enhancements through memory tweaks and code profiling. Oct 22, 2019
0.1.6 New UI for managing Meshery's connection to Kubernetes cluster. New mesheryctl compatibility for Windows for opening default browser upon start. Oct 13, 2019
0.1.5 UX Improvements: mesheryctl start now waits for meshery application containers to be up before launching the user's browser. This new behavior ensures that users do not experience a 404 message; mesheryctl stop now shows command progress akin to the experience when using meshery bash script. Sep 20, 2019
0.1.4 Update README.md for the release. Sep 12, 2019
0.1.3 Migrate from Configure Meshery to Settings page. Jun 27, 2019
0.1.2 Synchronization of browser local storage with Meshery in-memory session storage. Jun 14, 2019
0.1.1 Patch for Alpine bug. May 31, 2019
0.0.9 Documentation site segragated and content laided out. May 2, 2019
0.0.8 Ability to import Grafana board json but integrating with Prometheus directly for metrics. Apr 15, 2019
0.0.7 Migrated away from embedded iframe grafana charts to using Chartjs and C3 for charting. Mar 20, 2019
0.0.5 Pre-alpha Linkerd adapter. Ability to filter results. Feb 28, 2019
0.0.4 Ability to view persisted results. Integration and support for Grafana charts and embedding panels in iframe. Feb 28, 2019
0.0.3 Initial version with support of Meshery adapters and release of a pre-alpha version of Istio adapter. Jan 21, 2019
0.0.2 Ability to support running custom yaml on Kubernetes with Istio. Nov 30, 2018
0.0.1 Initial version of Meshery. Connect to Kubernetes and run preconfigured commands on Kubernetes with Istio. Nov 16, 2018