Meshery Adapter for Citrix Service Mesh

Service Mesh Adapter Status Latest Supported Mesh Version
Citrix Service Mesh (CPX) Adapter beta 1.0


  1. Lifecycle Management of Citrix Service Mesh
  2. Lifecycle Management of Sample Applications

Lifecycle management

The Meshery Adapter for Citrix Service Mesh can install 1.0 of the Citrix Service Mesh.

Sample Applications

The Meshery Adapter for Citrix Service Mesh includes a handful of sample applications. Some of these applications are from other service meshes and some of these sample applications are general-purpose examples. Use Meshery to deploy any of these sample applications.

  • hipster

    • Hipster Shop Application is a web-based, e-commerce demo application from the Google Cloud Platform.
  • httpbin
    • Httpbin is a simple HTTP request and response service.
  • Istio BookInfo Application
    • This application is a polyglot composition of microservices that are written in different languages. The application displays information about a book, similar to a single catalog entry of an online book store. Displayed on the page is a description of the book, book details (ISBN, number of pages, and so on), and a few book reviews.

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