Meshery Adapter for Open Service Mesh

Service Mesh Adapter Status Latest Supported Mesh Version
Open Service Mesh Adapter alpha OSM v0.3.0

Lifecycle management

The Meshery Adapter for Open Service Mesh can install OSM v0.3.0 of the Open Service Mesh service mesh. A number of sample applications for Open Service Mesh can also be installed using Meshery. Using the Meshery adapter for Open Service Mesh, you can run the full suite of Service Mesh Interface (SMI) conformance tests to validate OSM’s compliance with the SMI specification.

Suggested Topics

SMI Conformance Capabiliy


Defining “Conformance” - Acknowledging that conformance consists of both capabilities and compliance status is important. We define conformance as a combination of these two concepts.

1. SMI Conformance acknowledge that ...some participating service meshes may conscientiously never fully implement functions (SMI specs)...
2. SMI Conformance identifies ...a difference between full implementation of a specification and compliance with the portions that it implements...

You can Learn more about SMI conformance capabilities here…